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If you’ve ever taken a walk down 3rd Street in West Hollywood, or down Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, you may have walked past a little shop called TASCHEN. For those in the know, TASCHEN is idyllic and harmonious marriage between art, culture, fashion, architecture, (and the list goes on!), and the coffee table book. The stores have been coined by some as mini cathedrals to the art of book production.

“TASCHEN books are not simply words and pictures, they are experiences that unfold, mesmerize, stimulate and provoke with brilliant covers, bindings, photography, illustrations, colors and typography--brain candy for the TASCHEN customer. People's behaviors inside a TASCHEN store do not mimic the shopping mall--instead, they look like they are standing inside a museum.” - FORBES

Every home needs a personal touch - something that not only makes you as an owner feel attached to your surroundings while incorporating your identity, but that also communicates these ideas to others. Everything from the paint on your walls, to the art adorning your living spaces, the furniture, use of light, and decor that define your tastes and personality, contribute to making a home a home, but communicate to others who YOU are as an individual. Convening places (kitchen included) in a household are often considered the beating heart of the home - the place where family, friends, and loved ones gather, and where some of the most treasured moments in our lives are experienced. While it may seem insignificant, a coffee table book grounds us. It enriches a space and promotes a leaping point for conversation and dialogue which then evolves into much, much more.

Whether you are moving into a new home, looking to spice up your living room, out and about in the city, or shopping for a gift for a cherished one, we highly recommend you stop by Taschen, flip through some of the pages of some of their beautiful collections, and perhaps if you find a book that you fall in love with, you will pick one up to take home.

Address: 354 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Address: 6333 W. 3rd Street, CT-10, Los Angeles, CA 90036


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