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Summer is finally here, and there’s nothing better than lounging out at one of LA’s renowned rooftop paradises with a crisp, cool drink in hand, friends by your side, views as far as your eyes can see, and positive vibes all around. Rooftop bars, lounges and restaurants are not a new phenomenon in LA, but there’s been a trend occurring recently where more and more of these metropolitan oasis’s are beginning to pop up all across the city - especially more and more in the Hollywood/West Hollywood area! Below is a list of some of the hottest, newest, and most noteworthy rooftop destinations you have to check out this Summer.

Catch LA Rooftop Restaurant

Sitting high above Melrose Avenue, with breathtaking views of both the Hollywood Hills and DTLA, Catch LA has become one of the most sought after destinations in the city. A paparazzi favorite, due to their star-studded clientele and beautiful guests, Catch LA is THE spot to go and to be seen, all while enjoying a seafood dining experience that will overwhelm your palate (side note: go for the Truffle Sashimi and thank me later). Once you hit the roof (if you can make it past the bouncer), you will be greeted by a lush indoor-outdoor patio vibe that is drenched in opulence. Reservations for peak hours are usually booked up weeks (if not months) in advance, so if you want to experience one of the greatest rooftop spots in the city, you better hop on it quick!

Catch LA: Website

Address: 8715 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

The London in West Hollywood

// The London Hotel

Ahhh, the London Hotel Rooftop, home to one of the most serene escapes in Los Angeles. Smack dab in the middle of West Hollywood, right off of Sunset Blvd., the London Hotel Rooftop Pool boasts panoramic views of L.A. and Beverly Hills and invites guests to enjoy a taste of the sweet life wrapped in white and blue decor. The rooftop is for lack of a better word, simply gorgeous. An inviting destination by day or night, the exclusive rooftop deck and private luxury cabanas allow guests to kick back and take in all of the beauty that California has to offer. In addition to the sky deck, the rooftop also features an incredible restaurant, bar and lounge with a sophisticated modern twist.

The London West Hollywood Rooftop: Website

Address: 1020 N San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

E.P.L.P Rooftop Bar

Perched above the corner of Melrose and La Cienega, West Hollywood's E.P. & L.P. has quickly become the talk of the town. Despite having a very unpretentious vibe, the rooftop lounge has drawn interest from those who come from all walks of life, everybody from models and actresses, to businesses execs and university students, the bar treats it’s guests like family and everybody always seems to be having an amazing time! You never know just who you’ll run into there! There is a more private bar hidden off the the side named Frankie’s which is typically where you can find a few celebs hiding in all black runway getups and designer shades. L.P. Rooftop Bar is a guaranteed good time, just be sure to get there a little early to beat the line!

E.P. & L.P.: Website

Address: 603 La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Los Angeles Rooftop Bar

Jamaican surf culture and LA’s bohemian art scene have inspired this newer rooftop getaway, from the banana trees, colorful mismatched chairs, to the foosball table and tropical DJ sets, Mama Shelter is a little slice of Caribbean paradise that crash landed in the center of West Hollywood. Instead of serving the Jamaican-jerk style food that you’d expect, you’ll be surprised to find out that Mama Shelter serves Mediterranean food almost exclusively, because why not? This is an amazing place to go with friends or take your out of town guests - we can guarantee you that they won’t stop talking about it! owners to. At night, the stage lights up and music of all sorts.

Mama Shelter: Website

Address: 6500 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Dream Hotel in Hollywood

This spring the ultra-futuristic, ultra-luxury Dream Hotel in Hollywood swung open it’s doors to the public. Owned by TAO group, the hotel features a laundry list of world class dining and entertainment options including TAO restaurant, Beauty & Essex, and of most interest to us, The Highlight Room, which is debuting this summer. The hotel and it’s developer have been pretty hush-hush about their rooftop pool, lounge, and grill, The Highlight Room which has us intrigued. Is this new rooftop destination going to become LA’s latest craze? I guess we can only wait and see!

The Highlight Room: Website

Address: 6417 Selma Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028


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