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Malibu, affectionately labeled the 'BU', is a fantastical retreat for outdoor enthusiasts, hippy culture, and jetsetters alike - it is a gorgeous, 21 mile long beach town community lined with sparkling ocean views, beachfront oases, expansive homes and a timeless surf culture. It is the place to be on a hot summer day, drawing in locals from the busy city, and tourists stopping by on their way up the coast. Health and Fitness are as much a part of the lifestyle here as are daytime drives along the beach, picnics on the sand, wine tasting in the hills, hiking through the mountains, and relaxing in the enchanting coves. That's not all though, as the options for upscale shopping, dining, and leisurely pursuits are seemingly limitless. Malibu is a bit of an escape from the big city, as once the sun sets over the horizon, and the sky is painted in a watercolor rainbow, the city transforms into one of the most tranquil places to be. This is just one of the many reasons why the countless celebrities and industry tycoons are lucky enough to call it home.


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