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Hollywood, known throughout the world as the birthplace of the film industry in the 1910’s, is a town so visceral, exciting and well-known, that calling it world-famous is almost an understatement. It’s a city where creative personalities from all over join together to turn their dreams into reality. Despite it’s reputation, Hollywood is comprised of much more than film studios and backlots - classic restaurants, wonderful shops, tourist attractions, and local hot spots line it’s streets, and to this day the city is bursting with entertainment hubs, from theaters, museums, and nightlife venues that contribute to it’s dynamic and diverse culture. Hollywood is home to a healthy population of entertainment insiders, from writers, and directors, to musicians, dancers, producers and actors. There are countless beloved landmarks that define Hollywood and are considered some of LA’s most fascinating destinations, including the Hollywood Sign, the Sunset Strip Walk of Fame, and the Chinese Movie Theater (where some of the city’s biggest movies are premiered). The locals reside in many of the eclectic bungalows, luxury high-rises, and stunning hillside homes, all overflowing with character. Living in Hollywood is considered a dream, as there is hardly another place so legendary, kitsch, and romantic in all the world.


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