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Beverly Hills is a city unlike any other in the world; nestled in the flats and the lush mountains of Los Angeles, it is renowned as the global epicenter of luxury. Home to countless Hollywood stars, business executives, and members of the global-elite, Beverly Hills features some of the world's most prestigious estates, often tucked away behind gates to ensure optimal privacy for their high-profile owners. Take a walk down one of Beverly Hills' most famous streets, Rodeo Drive, and you will find no shortage of haute couture, impeccably dressed men and women, rare supercars and meticulous attention to detail in everything from the manicured palm tree-lined avenues to the vintage street lamps. It is truly a spectacle to relax here and watch the world fly by right before your eyes, with all the people, sounds, and sights adding to the captivating experience. Beverly Hills captures Hollywood’s classic romantic visions of grandeur and adds to it, a layer of polish and pizzaz that transports it to an entirely new dimension. It is the idyllic place to work hard, but to also play hard, and it doesn’t get much better than that.


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