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Bel Air is a tranquil escape from the lively metropolis that is Los Angeles, for the few who have earned the right to call it home. Boasting one of the lowest population densities in the entire city, Bel Air is a protective oasis, located in the remote foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, that cradles it’s residents in comfort, privacy and solitude from the outside world. It is home to massive mansions with many wings, pools and ornate foliage, and…well, more modest mansions - it’s not uncommon to see homes priced around $40-50MM. Despite the neighborhood being gated, Bel Air features two grand entrances that are open to the public. While the privacy gating contributes to the community’s hallowed sensibility, its two access points introduce an inviting and enchanting element. Most recently, Bel Air had become home to the most expensive home in the United States, listed at $250MM in 2017, and the community is expected to see another listing hit the market at $500MM in the coming years.


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